Bathing my two crazy-ass hellions is no mean feat. It’s a chore wrought with tears, screams (on both ends—hoomin and feline, alike), and possibly even injuries. A little over two years of owning The Moons still have not primed me enough for getting used to bathing them. And I would bet that neither are they used to the dreaded “event.”

Luckily, though, there are guides across the Internet. One rather useful video that I came across was this:

It was thanks to that lifehack on putting a towel on the surface where the cat is being bathed that saved us from killing each other from the first second down to the last, in our most recent bath on 3/26/2018. Prior to that, I believe it was over two months since our last.

Then, even before I managed to watch that video below this paragraph for this thread in Cat Care Philippines, I also had the insight to clip their claws before the chore. Thanks to that, I didn’t acquire scratches from the bath! 😊

As notes on the latter video, though, I’d like to make notes on these things:

  • Use treats with caution. As a person who has studied conditioning extensively (I’m a Psych grad), I believe that rewards and punishments are always a double-edged sword. The subject will either associate the reward with the upcoming unpleasant event and so dislike the reward forever (Reward=Treat; Unpleasant Event=Bath), or, if your optimist’s hope was favored by Fate, the subject will associate the unpleasant event with the treat, and so, everyone lives happily ever after. And so, with cats, it really depends on how the reward and the unpleasant event “burned” into their memory. If luck favors the bold (you), then congratulations. If your kittycat decides that his favorite treat deserves to be categorized as “poison” because a bath always follows it, then tough luck. xD
  • Given the previous point, I believe that the suggestion to play with the cat before the bath might be a better form of reward. If you note from this research-based article about how cats actually prefer human socialization over food treats, I believe that playing with your cat before a bath may be a more enduring, more transcendent reward, something that won’t be associated simplistically. I can’t really explain it right now, but in theory, I feel like complex actions or complex reward mechanisms have a way of transcending over a simple unpleasant association. And so, give it a shot (I personally HATE ABHOR playtime, so I won’t promise to try this the next time I give the cats a bath), and you can either let me know by emailing me, or sending a comment on this post. 😊 I love hearing from random passers-by on my blog. ❤
  • Look at how the guy used a stuffed tiger! 😹Well, I don’t know about you, but I certainly didn’t miss that detail. 😹I felt that he either didn’t want to deal with whatever crap his cat can dish out, or he didn’t want his furbaby traumatized just for that video. Either way, I like how his cat was “helping out” and even groomed the stuffed tiger on some points. 😹

Well, again, for us poor, unfortunate souls “blessed” with normal cats—cats who absolutely hate abhor disdain resent loathe scorn disavow the process of bathing (yes, I promptly hopped over to after “disdain,” though “disavow” was off the top of my head, “inspired” by my spotting the word “disaffection”)—bathing will forever be a process that will be met with resistance, even regular, scheduled, periodic trauma.

For the “chosen few” who are gifted with cats similar to those in the video below, though, WELL GOOD ON YA, WE HATE YOU ALREADY. 😹

Well, not really. 😹 We just wish we were as lucky as you.

Btw, while that video ^ was pretty cool, I believe that this one is possibly the most iconic representation of a cat who absolutely adores its bafftiem:

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